I could not classify my genre for quite some time after I started doing photography. There always were too many interesting things to shoot, I could not understand what excites me the most. Then I realised that it's the life itself - and to be more precise, the life in its variety of forms around our planet.
That's what people travel for - to experience the life of many different places. Each one with its own colours, own vibes, own energies. It's a wonderful world of travel photography.
And then I just realised another interesting nuance: travel photography is not just a genre of photography. It's also a kind of travel. When having a camera in your hands, you start seeing the world differently. You tend to make more stops, turn your head into more directions, step aside to look from a different angle. You start returning to the same places to see it in a different light. You pack light to always have some space for your photo gear.
And you always find things that inspire you.
Let me start this exhibition with these two images from Kerala, India.
Now, let me return to wonderful Switzerland. 
The one thing that has an immense inspiration power is the Ocean. Unfortunately, there is no Ocean in Switzerland, so you need travel a bit farther away. 
Besides visiting beautiful places, it's a mind opening experience to look at people. Especially working people.
While I prefer shooting landscapes, I always adore geometry getting into my lenses. Cities are much easier to find out great examples of inspiring lines and curves - also because there were many talented architects with exactly these ideas in mind: inspire people who will look at creation of their geniuses.
Venice is a popular place. There are as many tourists in Venice as many ants live in Scandinavian forests. So, the main challenge is not just finding a place to admire wonderful Mediterranean colours, but to have it only for yourself. The secret here is to wake up early and/or to choose the side streets.
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